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Britten Boers

La Feria, Texas

(956) 435-6869

About Us . . . . .

Britten Boers is a small family-run business located in Cameron County in South Texas. We started our operation  with 4 dwarf goats. They were so skittish and hard to manage that we sold them and acquired our first Boer does in the summer of 2013. Over time, we grew our herd to include several full blood-registered does, a 100% full blood buck, and a few commercial does. In an effort to improve quality and to get as close as we can to the breed standards set by the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA),  we cull and/or add additional animals to the herd each year.  Our goal is to provide quality doelings and bucklings at a reasonable price--both for show and for breeding.   


We vaccinate all our goats for CDT, pneumonia, and CL every year. We deworm as necessary based on FAMANCHA scores and by observation.  

In addition to pasture forage, we feed our goats quality feeds from Lyssy & Eckel along with alfalfa and coastal hay.

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