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The normal breeding season at BrittenBoers is in late fall-early winter (late November-early March) so that kids are born in late May through early August. Customers seeking show goats should schedule visits in early June as wethers and show doelings go quickly. Prices vary but wethers average around $350-$400 and doelings about the same. I am happy to help with the registration (if desired) but that is an additional $25 (ABGA rate to get kids registered and transferred to your name). 

I require a $100 cash deposit to hold kids. Deposits are nonrefundable.

I take cash or credit cards.

I guarantee that goats are healthy when they leave the property and are up to date on their vaccinations. Repeat business and a reputation for honesty are essential to us. I will not sell sick goats. That said, we are not responsible for purchased goats once they leave our property.


For Sale as of  3/3/2024

We have 14 kids available!!! 



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